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Our service is for free and it does overrunning time .Send us your request and we’ll answer in the blink of an eye.
Our service has been created for all the people who need assistance in daily business.
We understand that our customers are always busy,so we strain to light the day.
For that reason we do,for you,the following services:
Helicopters’ and airplanes’ booking
Luxury cars booking (Maserati Lamborghini,Ferrari,Bentley)
Hotels and tickets’ booking
Tickets for events’ booking (Opera, Theatre,Performances,Competitions…)
Seat in the best restaurants and night clubs’booking
Babysitter,Hairstylist,touristic guides,personal masseurs and porters’ booking.

You have the desire to make a present? We organize purchases and shipping on request.
Please,if you wanna know more send us a requirement with the schedule compiled and you will receive an answer in a few minutes
Our concierge desk think about your reservations choosing the best solution for your journey ,advising in your shopping,
Concierge Desk
Request information about the Concierge Desk service

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